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Hangover Prevention – Because We’re There for You!

PartySmart Hangover Prevention

It’s holiday party season, and with that, for many, holiday “over-drinking season” (that’s discrete was of writing hangover).

There are a number of factors that appear to contribute to the symptoms experienced in a hangover: inflammation, oxidative stress and alcohol-induced nutrient deficiency specifically, that suggest that certain natural medicines may be effective “hangover cures”.

Here are a few “clinically proven” (by us) solutions to not feeling awful the day after celebrating.

The Affordable, Easy to Source, Hangover Preventing Vitamin/mineral Cocktail


A product called PartySmart® was brought to the attention of the office by our lovely and charming associate, Jen Parsons, ND, who brought some for everyone on the team to last year’s holiday party!

PartySmart® claims to help your liver metabolize alcohol, speeding the removal of acetaldehyde from your system.

I have used PartySmart® several times over the past year, favouring it over the above cocktail primarily for its convenience. My experience has been that the results are similar: no hangover symptoms, but tiredness as the day progresses.





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