• Our anti-hangover supplement starts working right away and is taken with your first drink.
  • HANGOVER PREVENTION: Proven PartySmart provides you with clinically-studied hangover prevention for a better next morning in a single pill.
  • SAFE & NATURAL: Plant-based and effective. Contains natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs


Take one PartySmart capsule with your first drink And Wake Up Hangover Free

Portable, natural & effective

#1 in Hangover Prevention


Customers ❤️ PartySmart!


What a lifesaver this product is! I've been trying many different hangover pills for the past 10 years....& without a doubt this is by far the best! I'm from Newfoundland Canada & believe me I can DRINK! I'm buying more right now for my vacation to CUBA!

Amazon Customer

Great Stuff

Although I rarely drink, because I get terrible hangovers from the least little bit... this makes the evening great--allowing for me to enjoy myself longer and smarter and then next morning -- good as new! Seriously would recommend to anyone!

Melody Bosk

Five Stars

Great product. In conjunction with water consumption works perfectly. Way cheaper than health food store.


They do work

I believe these worked, we used them on vacation and didn't have hangovers and we drank hard. Going to order more.


I've tried them a few times, and they actually ...

I've tried them a few times, and they actually seem to prevent hangovers. It's hard to say how much influence the pills have, but I'll continue to use them.


No hangovers

Not sure if it really works or if it’s a placebo but every time I take one I don’t wake up with a bad hangover

Jason VandenBiggelaar


Wow, hangover was the only reason I was trying to stop drinking. Well, guess what, I'm into drinking more than ever now with those pills in my life. I would like if they could come in bulk.

Amazon Customer

Swear by these things!

Maybe it’s the place effect but I swear by these and have turned so many people to them that I should be making commission!

Kelly Fawcett

These worked!

I brought these along on my bachelorette party and they worked wonders. As long as you also drink some water while drinking these will go a long way to helping you feel better the next day.

Brittany Heinrichs

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