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As a person who quite possibly has THE worst hangovers know to man, I can honestly say this product WORKS!! My body has difficulty processing alcohol. Even after drinking a couple glasses of wine, the next morning, I feel awful. Last night, I put this gem to the test. This morning I woke up feeling completely normal! No headache, upset stomach or even feeling like I had a single drink! Amazing!! I am hook line and sinker, a complete fan!!


Incredibly, these pills work. I don't know if it's a mental thing or they're actually great - but not getting a hangover was amazing! I stopped drinking for a while because even 1 beer or glass of wine would give me an instant headache and make me feel off. bought these pills for my bachelorette party, and the rest is history.


Bought these for some hangover kits I was throwing together for a bachelorette party. The gals really said they helped. I loved that they came in individual packs and could be split up. Great value for the money and more effective than emergen-c.


Very good hangover relief pill! Make sure you eat when you take it and you Gould feel completely normal the next day. I made the mistake of eating like a bird one night (minimal) and I was just nauseous the next day, but fully functional, as I went to universal and rode roller coasters.


I bought these to give out in a 30th birthday party gift bag. I have to say I was a little skeptical but the reviews had a sold. I am not very good with mixing beer and shots but I have to say I took this pill during the middle of drinking (as directed) and I woke up Sunday morning feeling terrible. After I threw up I felt like a million bucks! Typically it would have been laying around the house miserable!