Bad & Boozy Bachelorette in Puerto Rico with PartySmart!


Before we departed, I used my graphic design skills to create adorable “Bad & Boozy” tanks to go in the bachelorette party swag bags. I also designed a festive itinerary, Advil tag, and holder for hair elastics.
Every bachelorette welcome bag needs the following essentials:

– Cute Tank (designed by me!)

– DIY Hair Elastics (Check out this easy tutorial)

– Raw Elements Sunscreen (all-natural and reef-safe)

– Advil
– Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm
– To go cup (I bought mine at Dunkin’ and my friend used her Cricut machine to customize each one)

– PartySmart capsules

– Copy of a local lifestyle magazine (in this case, Providence Monthly)

– Mentos


Bachelorette Party in Puerto Rico with PartySmart! Skip The Hangover.

Puerto Rico Bachelorette Party Itinerary – Where to Stay, Eat and Play
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